The cold chain of 20 year olds 

How many of you out there find yourselves caught up in situations you don’t really know how to react to? How many of you find it immensely hard to understand what exactly you’re feeling at trying and testing times?

We all claim to belong to a century that is technologically and scientifically advanced, but have we really moved forward? 

As kids of the new era, everything around and about us has become way too modern for our own good. The way we dress, speak, think and sadly even feel has drastically altered. In today’s fast-paced world none of us stop to comprehend the consequences of out decisions or actions. None of us take the time to think,  introspect or heal. Advancements all around us have gotten to us so much that even our systems have begun functioning at whole new speeds. Before we know it,  we crash.

From kids who wrote essays in school about robots, we, now in our 20s aren’t far from becoming one ourselves. How did it get this serious?

They say,  when you invest too much,  you must be prepared to lose just as much or probably even more. It is indeed an unfair gamble. All of us, as young and energetic as we seem physically are our own form of deranged. Too curious to stay safe behind the covers,  we probably ventured too far too soon. And well, once bitten twice shy!


Our compelling surroundings force us to superficially dust all our pain/problems away and move on real quick. How many of you out there have given yourself the time to heal from within?  How many of you have brushed it off on the outside but continued carrying a thousand different heavy baggage inside? Don’t you think you deserve a change to let it all out? A sweet release,  without being questioned,  judged or misunderstood.

As we bottle it all up, we soon become immune to it. And this immunised version, though strong and sturdy, comes with its price to pay. There is fear in love,  hesitation in hope,  doubt in trust and caution in care. Since when has everything so beautiful become so tainted? 

Let us not shun ourselves to the darkness of our past, because when we do that to ourselves,  we invariably pull in others too and it becomes a chronic, irreversible cold chain. 

We, the so called damaged ones aren’t the ones to be left behind. We, so ‘aged’ in our 20s are the ones with unimaginable strength, the ones who fell hard but managed to get up and rise, the ones who never give up that easy in anything. We need to come together to break this vicious chain and reconstruct a world where it’s alright to have hope.

A world where it’s okay to love, laugh and live.


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