“Any emotion, if sincere, comes involuntarily.” – Mark Twain

Stuttering down the crowded roads, she pushed through all the rush and headed forward. While the chilly air blew through her hair and the darkness of the night crawled up over her back, she felt a certain warmth from within. Her eyes scavenged through all the bobbing heads, hunting for the right way to go. Somehow, even with the devoid of geographical awareness, her feet managed to take the right turns and deviations; every step getting her closer to the one thing she had been so eagerly looking forward to.

Finally reaching her place through all that hustle, she seated herself in the corner and waited amidst the crowds. As she sat there catching her breath, it slowly dawned on her, and that’s when she began to see. It was one hell of a night. The moon was her absolute glorious self, casting her surreal glow all around. The winds waltzed their way through every tiny gap they found, refreshing everything they touched, and the silence of the black skies mourned the absence of the Sun and awaited the break of a new day.

Every night was just as beautiful, but there was something tonight that seemed to attract her attention too strongly. It wasn’t the noise of the busy cabs or the exhausted home-sick people. It was just the mere aura that draped the entire place.


She got up and walked through, ogling at how everything around her was just so brutally honest. The tears, the goodbyes, the greetings, the smiles, the embraces, the excitement of a brand new holiday and the relief of finally coming home. She looked around and a small smile grew on her lips as she observed all the raw emotions that were displayed out in front of her. It had been days since she had seen such purity. Old scars were being forgotten, mistakes were being forgiven, dreams were being formed, and memories were being cherished.

Completely immersed in all the serenity around she had lost track of time. Her long strain of admiration was broken by the loud, monotonic announcement that was calling out her name.

As she picked up her bags and left her gate to board the flight, she was amazed at how the time had just flown past. She was beginning to feel overwhelmed herself. Watching all those wonderful emotions around made her realize how much she had missed it, how much she yearned for it. And now it was here. It was time. Time to go home.


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