Resurrection – An open letter to the damaged souls

“As she sat there mesmerized by the flowing waters, she waded in the depths of her thoughts. She played out her life in front of her. Her past, present and to be future. Her mind processed the responsibilities, the commitments and most of all, the sacrifices. It was like she was living a play, with its acts, its own unique characters, some protagonists, some antagonists.

Yes, things had unfolded smoothly, but no denying, there were a few amendments she would’ve liked to make. As she closed her eyes and cherished the silence, she breathed out slowly, exuding all the frustrations, all the chaos that conquered her. The little child in her had been waiting patiently to be let free. It wanted to play, it wanted to explore. Chained by morals and expectations, scarred by betrayal and nightmares, she craved for the sweet release. She yearned to be free yet again.”

Now as you all read that prologue, each one of you would’ve played it out in a unique way in your head. Each one of you would’ve related to being released from your struggles and running wild in a distinctive way in relation to the events of your life.


The only reason we all can relate to being  set free is because we all live a life of constant trials and tribulations. The world around us is brutal. There are ounces of cynicism, envy, perfidy, egotism and so many more evils around every corner. To have to constantly stay clear of all of them and learn to survive amidst the suffocation of all the malevolence and still stay positive and hopeful about the future is strenuous and exhausting by itself. People are going to betray, they are going to hurt, they are going to make promises that were never made with the intention of being kept, they are going to disappoint and most of all, they are going to leave us alone at a time when we need them most.

But does that mean we give up? Are we really going to stop hoping and expecting just because a few many times we were disappointed and foiled. Are we going to let ourselves succumb to all that negativity just because a couple of people failed to understand us or have our backs when we most expected them to?

Yes, it was an enormous dismay. Yes, it gave us wounds. Yes, it mangled us, probably beyond complete redemption. But with time, the wounds heal into scars. And mind you, scars do not mean that we are damaged. Scars show us that we were hurt, but we were resurrected with time. Scars show us that we were born to survive it all. It shows us that we have lived, that we have been touched by life and we have managed to see the glow at the end of the impending darkness that at one point swallowed us.

The journey you’ve traversed not only makes you stronger but also shapes who you are. And while you may have been through a lot too soon, the worst punishment you can ever give yourself is not accepting who you’ve become through all that.  Don’t use the blemishes in you to hide away from the future. Embrace them, as after all, beauty indeed lies in all the imperfections!





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