“Every time I watch you leave, the best part of me goes along with you.”


In today’s world, with steaming ambitions and competitive minds, it is hard to see anyone watch out for the true essence of their mere existence.

I didn’t make any sense there now, did I?

Alright. Let’s scroll back to the basics, shall we?

Ever since we can remember being old enough to make choices and take decisions of our own, all we have probably thought of, is who we want to become, what we want to achieve or how we’re going to get up there. While all that zeal is truly enticing, I think it’s pretty ignorant. Why? Because, in the process of racing forward to achieve dreams and seek glory, how many of us slow down to introspect on the reality that surrounds us? How many of us stop to appreciate the little things that we’ve been blessed with? How many of us actually take out time to work on ‘relationships’, the one most important thing required for any individual’s survival?

So lost in our lust for success, freedom, fun or power, we have begun neglecting loved ones, forgetting commitments and hurting people. People who wish the best for us. People who want to be by our side through every rise and fall. People who have made us who we are and will stick with us no matter who we become. Parents, siblings, partners, relatives, friends and every beating heart that deserves much more than a “I don’t have the time” or “I can’t do this for you”.


Unlike many who are unfortunate, we were lucky enough to be born into this world with a web of relations that supplemented support, engendered experiences, created memories and taught us lessons. As we grow, relations change. Some may leave, some will add on, but the crux is that, this web is our support system.  We need them, to fall back on, to turn to for advice, to laugh off our problems and multiply our smiles and to just let us know that we’re never alone. But the agonizing fact is that we have become so selfish that we only pay heed to them when we need them. We have forgotten what it is to genuinely love, passionately care, earnestly compromise and selflessly share. We have become so shallow that we expect them to be around, but only according to our needs and requirements. What ever happened to true love, committed relationships, forever bonds and heartfelt gratitude!

We all have set goals to attain, dreams to strike off from our bucket list, errands to run and responsibilities to meet. The one common thing we all end up saying is, “There isn’t enough time”. Little do we realize, that its not about having’ the time. Its about ‘making’ the time. As developed and evolved as the 21st century seems to be, this era has some how seen the maximum number of separations, heart breaks, divorces and what not. Is there any link? Are we really that callous? Are we so driven by our own needs, dreams and desires that in the process of sprinting towards them, we’ve shed off emotions, attachments and dependence? Have our minds ultimately trampled over and conquered our hearts? Or are we so afraid that we keep running away from our feelings, just so that we aren’t physically, emotionally or mentally bound to anyone? Is that really our idea of being ‘free’?

They always say, ‘live to the fullest, for you only live once’. We presume that our time is limited and hence rush to conquer our dreams, enjoy our lives, party to the fullest and reach places. We’re wrong. Time is indeed limited. Not just for us, but for our loved ones as well. So instead of being so self-consumed, let us look around and cherish these relations. Let us be the reason they smile.


The clock is ticking. Don’t be so blinded by pleasure, power and materials that you go too far beyond. Because while you may have achieved the million things you’d desired to, turning around and having no one to share it with, will make all of it null and void. So go on! Stop working so hard. Stop partying till you drop. Stop racing through time! Stop whizzing past each day to get to the future. Halt for a second and look around you. Admire your present. Go tell your loved ones how thankful you are for their mere presence in your life. Profess love to your ‘one and only’. Trouble your siblings and make them realize that you’ve always got their back. Let your heart feel to the fullest. Embrace emotions. Spend time with those who really matter. Break barriers, melt the ice and fall hard in love. Because work gives you money, party gives you fun, but only relationships give you the reason to live.


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