“When we think critically about monsters, we tend to classify them as personifications of what we fear.”

Have you ever wondered why is it that as we grow up, we start gradually shedding away every ounce of pure innocence that had once defined us? Have you ever looked back at the last couple of years and wondered how a million different things have changed, making you a brand new person compared to who you once were? Life, as we call it, happens to be one of the most cruel and merciless teachers of the lot. As strong, busy, crazy or jovial as we may be, each one of us have those moments where we cease to function and go into a trans-like zone, where we start introspecting on everything we’ve been through, everything that has happened to us.We begin to blame, point fingers and regret, wishing certain things were scripted differently. We all have our nightmares. We all have our monsters who conquer and rule our fears.

As easy as it may seem to drop the onus on others for what may have happened to us, the harder and more often, least chosen road is looking within and asking ourselves, where we went wrong or what was it that we could’ve done differently. Not every failed relationship is the latter’s mistake; not every wrong choice or decision made, is someone else’s fault. We cannot keep breaking mirrors and continue blaming them for being fragile. More often than not, what we fail to do, is identify, embrace and tame the monster within us. The evils that lurk patiently behind our serene souls, waiting for the opportune moment to leech on to a bright day and turn it into a sheer dark abyss.o-positivity-facebook

All of us have a beautiful life in front and ahead of us. We have opportunities waiting to be seized, memories waiting to be made, bonds waiting to be formed and happiness waiting to be shared. It takes a thousand strengths to be positive, strong and satisfied, and just a single malign influence to bring all that down to shambles. Jealousy, anger, hatred, comparison, malice, fraud and a million other beasts that wait to conquer us, only take the better of us because we let them to. We affect, and are affected by the people we meet, in one way or another. This happens instinctively and on a subconscious level, through words, thoughts and feelings, and through body language.

So control your inner monsters. The choice is yours. Look around, cherish the memories you’ve made, treasure the things and people you’re blessed with, be satisfied with everything you have, smile a little more, live to the fullest and spread the energy around. Be at peace with yourself and your surroundings. For, you only live once. Why live it in negativity?


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