You stare at the mundane pages of your text book, rubbing your eyes, trying to keep your mind awake, trying not to give in into the alluring arms of slumber. You take a moment from your exhausting day to think about the number of things left for you to do. Exams to give, papers to submit, good grades to get, interviews to crack, deadlines to meet and so many more. This is when your mind gives up on you and you completely succumb to the vicious negativity that mongers hungrily over you. In today’s world of never ending races and soaring competitions, it’s such a struggle to keep up. The pressure is smothering, demands are burdening and expectations are almost unreal. 

There comes a point when you’ve probably done nothing but just sat at home the entire day, studying, researching, reading up or even arguing with a loved one over the phone, and yet you find yourself so drained. Emotionally, mentally, physically. Just drained. Be it parents, partners, best buddies or just merely acquainted friends, everyone just seems to have demands from you. And that moment of realisation, where it dawns on you that you probably aren’t being the best version of yourself and hence plausibly disappointing everyone around you, can be very taxing. It mystically changes the way you view yourself. You feel like you’re a let down.


So engrossed in our busy, monotonous lives, fulfilling others’ behests, we often lose ourselves. We forget what it is like to be free, what it is like to feel refreshed, what it is like to just relax and pamper yourself with everything you like to do. When was the last time any one of us took a break just to reconnect with ourselves? Meeting at a pub, drowning in the intoxication of alcohol and forgetting your worries for a day isn’t necessarily a break. Going on a so called vacation, but still hung up on the problems and commitments back at home isn’t a break either. I think it’s high time we gave in to our needs for once. It’s high time we rediscovered ourselves. We need to disconnect, from all the people, the problems, the pressures and just bathe in some serene solitude for a while. We need to refresh and get in touch with the parts of our soul we’ve completely ignored all this while. The dreamer. The traveller. The explorer. The child.

Working hard is good, but getting so carried away that you can no longer identify yourself isn’t. Every now and then, go away, have a little relaxation, for when you come back, your work, your judgement will be surer. Let go. Breathe. Dream. Relax.



5 thoughts on “Solace

  1. Had a go at commenting in the community poop but found no reply button with your post, which was strange.
    First, take a little more care when writing, ‘from you’ll which would’, what?
    Next, break up your paragraphs, I almost fell asleep before you finished writing about falling asleep.
    And then, try not to repeat yourself. If you have one thing to say, do that. If you have nothing to say…
    Practice, practice and practice again. Read comments, invite critiques, absorb and learn. And read. A lot.


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