A shout out to the twenties

Have you ever looked at a shiny BMW gliding down the streets and wondered to yourself if you’d ever be able to provide yourself that kind of a lifestyle? Have you adored the burden-free life of someone, travelling the world and living their dreams and pondered if you’d ever get to be that way? While our parents and the society around us still think we’re too young and inexperienced with the ways of the world, while they tag us with scintillating titles like ‘irresponsible‘, ‘clueless‘, ‘lethargic‘ or ‘naive‘, we find ourselves lost amidst the thousands of pressures pushing us in different directions from behind and the millions of choices to choose from ahead of us. Amidst being immature and “not ready” for the world, we our burdened with extraordinary expectations and the strenuous struggle of figuring ourselves out. That indeed is the paradox of the beguiling twenties.

Do you want to be a billionaire who can get anything he wants, or do you want to be a hippie with just the bare minimum to sustain yourself with what you need? Do you want to remain in a stagnant stable job/career just because it’s secure, or do you want to embrace yourself in the enticing adrenaline rush that fills your heart by taking a risk? Is the relationship you’re in, “the one” or if you’re single, will you ever find “the one”? With all these thoughts whirling in our heads, we find ourselves spending an awful amount of time lying down and gaping at bare ceilings or submerged into a soulful song, flooding our minds with philosophical epiphanies.


But what it always comes down to is an “I DON’T KNOW”, and that’s just plain frustrating. There are abundant accomplished and know-it-all adults out there who’d probably just smirk with brimming condescension  and cynicism when they see us struggle to answer questions about our future. They’d be utterly appalled as to how we DON’T KNOW what we want to do in life. But I say, it’s okay to not know. I say it’s okay to be unsure. It’s absolutely alright to go slow and take your time and its most certainly fine to dream! As unreal as they say you are, as impractical as they say you sound, you must know that dreams are like stars. You may not reach them, but if you follow them, they’ll definitely lead you to your destiny. The little you owe to yourself is to not be downtrodden by cliched advice. Parents, relatives and well-wishers may definitely be more experienced and well informed, but only you know what you really want. Only you will feel the euphoria of living your dreams.

So a big shout out to all you twenty year olds – graduating, looking for a job, finding a life partner or pursuing higher studies. You are embarking on a new journey. Go where your heart takes you. The destination may be unclear, the result may be ambiguous. You may fall, you may fail. But just remember, when the stormy rains cease, the sun always shines!


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